installation shot

Un/changing City Walk

A long time coming, but even so I thought I should put up some images and a short video of a public presentation of the results of the residency at amberPlatform.

The above is an image of the installation from behind. The work was a curved cloth wall/screen. The screen was backlit and images projected from behind. People entered from the left side and entered and interacted with the work.

The images were stop-motion animations of Istiklal Cad. I went back afterwards to take an actual video, but there were some significant differences of walking down a street with a video camera in hand compared to a still camera. The video camera meant that people were approaching me more, they were more aware of it and wanted to be a part of the “performance” or video. The very thing that I was capturing with the stills was being lost by the presence of the video on the street.

The other aspect of using the stills stitched together to make the animation meant that each still is perceived more like time and movement being frozen. In fact the night shots created a sense of each image being part of a stage set. The strange lighting, the bizarre digital camera auto-focusing on only some things, creating almost theatrical imagery.