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Walk(in) Past, is a live conversation and a location specific walk exploring the town of Blato, Korčula in partnership with siva)(zona‘s Sonja Leboš and Darko Fritz in Croatia.

The conversation is live and one person in Australia is talking and guiding (the storyteller), and the other (the walker) is in the town of Blato exploring as the conversation is happening.

Read background information and the starting point of the project >>

Development for Walk(in) Past has taken me to a number of artist residencies for research and testing. I felt that in order to create such an ambitious work it would be highly beneficial to be testing, working and sounding out possibilities amongst the best whose focus is creation of participatory location specific experiences.

The first artist residency was at Blast Theory’s studios in the UK.
Video results of some of the tests here >>

The next stage was at pvi collective‘s studios in Perth. While I was in Perth, tech (apps, hardware and connectivity) were tested while also finding people who were originally from Blato. I met up with lots of people, went to social events at Croatian Clubs and discussed the work on local Perth community radio 6EBA-FM 95.3 on Voice of Dalmatia to find storytellers.

Thank you pvi collective, Blast Theory and the Australia Council for the Arts for supporting this project.