Lockdown Walk I

Would you like to share your daily walk?

Like to walk and talk?
How about something a little different?

I am looking for contributors for an artwork based on hundreds of ‘described walks’.

Every day I will add text versions of the walks I have received here on this blog and on social media.

This call started when Melbourne went into Lockdown #4, and now I am looking for people Australia-wide and if even worldwide to record themselves describing their walk. Audio only.

  • People in Queensland and NSW who are in lockdown consider your daily walk as part of this project. Read below how to…

Once I have transcribed the audio into text I will delete the audio file.


  • Go on a walk
  • As you walk record audio describing the walk
  • Use the audio recording app on your smart phone,
    (for example, Voice Memo in iPhone, Voice Recorder on Samsung)
  • Use your headset for best results, or
    record by holding the phone normally as if you were making a telephone call.
  • Email me the audio file at walks@123mail.org

Once finished please email your recorded audio file and include the following details:

  • Your name: [optional]
  • Area walked: [eg suburb/area, city and country]
  • Date walked:
  • I give permission to Anita Bacic to include the attached audio file for this public artwork. I take responsibility for any opinions expressed in this audio recording and understand that this will form part of an artwork that will be exhibited both online and offline.
  • Would you like to be credited or remain anonymous? [credited/anonymous]

This is an example of what you might say:
Walking down the lane way, stop, there are cars pulling out, guessing they are off to work, move on, the left hand side there is a beautiful painted corrugated iron fence in a deep deep terracotta colour, reflected on the other side is more of a steel grey, roller doors, one after the other some with gabled roofs others just simple brick constructions, a beautiful big tree on the right hand side, on the left hand side more cars and little flats, old flats, new flats…

Transcripts from each walk will be brought together to create a database of described walks that will later form part of an AI generated art-walk that takes people on artificially imagined walks.

Audio received will be transcribed into text and the file will be deleted. You can choose to remain anonymous or have you name with the text posted here on this blog or in social media.

Imagine going on a walk where you are being guided not through numerical metric measurements (100 metres ahead) or street names, but through descriptions.

Email your questions and contribution/s using walks@123mail.org

I look forward to receiving your walks!

Many thanks!
Anita Bacic

This project has received support through the Contemporary Art Tasmania Venture Capital Fund.