Your Lockdown Walks

I have extended this call out to current Lockdowns. I started a call out asking people to share their daily lockdown walks for an art project when Melbourne went into their fourth lockdown. I have shared them here >> and on twitter.

If you are in Australia >>

If you are elsewhere >>

Share your walk if in Australia:
1: go for a walk
2: call tel: +61 3 90084229
3: describe your walk (leave a message of 2-3 minutes)
4: then it’s shared online (behind the scenes I transcribe into text)

* I will contact you once I have received your message for more details

Share your walk using an audio app:
1: go on a walk
2: record audio describing the walk

Use the audio recording app on your smart phone, (for example, Voice
Memo in iPhone, Telegram voicemail, Voice Recorder on Samsung)
3: Email me your recorded audio file at
4: Include the following details:

Your name: [optional]
Area walked: [eg suburb/area, city and country]
Date walked:
I give permission to Anita Bacic to include the attached audio file for this public artwork. I take responsibility for any opinions expressed in this audio recording and understand that this will form part of an artwork that will be exhibited both online and offline.
Would you like to be credited or remain anonymous? [credited/anonymous]

* I will transcribe it into text and post it on this blog and on twitter.

Email me if you have any questions:

Some of the walks I have received have come from Ecuador, England, Iceland, Tasmania, from Sammy J from ABC Radio and more.

Have a look here at what/how others have shared their neighbourhood through this project.

We have learnt how quickly and swiftly things can change and I am hoping that if you are looking for a distraction from the daily COVID updates, that you would be interested in sharing your daily lockdown walk.

I look forward to receiving your walks!

Many thanks!
Anita Bacic

This project has received support through the Contemporary Art Tasmania Venture Capital Fund.