Hey thanks for dropping by and having a look at what I do!

This blog will be the go to place for updates on my process regarding my projects, research and art practice.

I’ve added a previous blog that I wrote while I was on an artist residency at amberPlatform in Istanbul many moons ago. These posts are a short insight into the process of the creation of work Un/changing City Walk which was shown as part of amber ’10 Verikent/Datacity.

There is another work that I will be putting up here soon which details the process of my first location specific walk in Hobart, Tasmania. This work was mediated by an iOS custom-made app, a printed map and a mobile device. There was community engagement as part of the process for the final work. It was called an/other time

Until then, if you’re interested in my writing and what I’ve been working on, then have a look at a project collaboration with Sonja Leboš from siva) (zona in Croatia, specifically the island of Korčula in the town of Blato. I am interested in the Croatian and Australian story of migration, specifically where they came from and where they landed. In this case I am exploring those who are originally from Blato and are now living in Australia.

Read more about the Blato project here >>