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Share Your Walk

I have a new phone number for Australian callers so you can leave a voicemail describing your surroundings as you walk. This call for walk submissions is following on from the project Lockdown Walks.For international walkers who wish to contribute, find instructions here >> Walking in Australia:1: Go for a walk2: Call tel: +61 3 900842293: Describe your walk (leave a message of 2-3 minutes)4: … Continue reading Share Your Walk

Aluminium rods

Material investigations

After visualising the size, it was time to investigate how to make it. We decided to look at how tents are made and investigate their materials. My prerequisites: Has to be easily assembled & disassembled Can not be a permanent structure Lightweight Screen must be semi-opaque to allow for back-projection Cost-effective I went to IMC with photographer Deniz Yilmazlar who kindly helped me to investigate … Continue reading Material investigations

Hamam top light circles

In search of Domes…

I have been obsessed with circles for a long time and in fact one work of mine, Ringe Raja, was a geodesic dome. While here as artist-in-residence at amberPlatform Istanbul, it is my intention to extend this particular work through explorations of circular spaces. During my first week in Istanbul I was looking for an alternative to the geodesic dome and investigated alternative dome options. … Continue reading In search of Domes…